Mize Gallery presents: FLA: The Art of All Things Florida

Featuring 42 new works inspired by Florida.

689 DR MLK JR ST N, Suite C
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Saturdays 10AM-5PM
Sundays 10AM-2PM
Masks required.
Limit to 6 people in gallery at once.

Exhibit on view May 7th - 30th, 2021.

Contact info@chadmize.com 727.251.8529 for purchase.







The Florida Palette


Mixed Media

14 x 14"





Ybor City Through a Damaged View-Master Reel

Danette Marie Albino


18 x 18"





The Elusive Skunk Ape (AKA Ol’ Stinky)

Mark Mitchell

Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas

24 x 24"





FL #1 (Goodland)

Finn Schult

Archival Inkjet Print

18 x 24"





Snowbird Elegy

Leslie Alfin

Mixed Media

18 x 18"





Jardin Magico y Florido (Magic, Flowery Garden)


Photography & Mixed Media

15.75 x 12 x 4"






Nancy Cohen

Oil on Linen

20 x 20"





Snow Bird

Alyssa Marie

Oil on Linen

18 x 24"






Xina Scuderi


27 x 21"





Skunk Ape!

Wyatt Eddy

Batik & Acrylic on Board

16 x 16"





Pink Mermaid Cove Luxury Condo Towers Coming Soon

Steve Madden

Mixed Media

14 x 22"







Krink & UV Glow in the Dark Paint on Canvas

25.5 x 19.5"





A Day at the Beach

Gianna Pergamo

Mixed Media on Canvas

14 x 11"





Florida Matchbooks Collection 001

Erin Null


17 x 11"






Alexandra Quintos

Acrylic & Gouache on Paper

24 x 18"





Bogie & Bacall

Cat Lim

Digital Print on Wood

16 x 20"





Set in Stone

Liv Scully

Cement & Seashells

11 x 6" each





Venus at The Don

Pamela Bulu

Ink on Paper

9 x 12"





Reef Rest

Kara Voorhees Reynolds

Watercolor on Paper

20 x 20"





Welcome to Weeki Wachee

Eric Z Goodnight

Mixed Media

18 x 24"





Things Are Looking Fine

Christine Buckley

Screenprint, Oil & Acrylic

20" x 24"





Landmark Motel

Peter Christ

Oil on Canvas

24 x 24"





Shoo Gator

Bryan Womack

Acrylic & Oil on Canvas

16 x 24"





Maximo Sunset

Adam Turkel

Digital Photography w/ Watercolor

32 x 24"





Clouds, Birds. Gulf Horizon.

Eric Folsom

Bronze & Copper

24 x 24"







Acrylic on Canvas

24 x 20"





(Everything) Heeere’s Sunny!


Mixed Media on Wood Panel

20 x 20"






Alexandra Checa

Mixed Media

24 x 24"





Sunshine City

Johannah O’Donnell

Acrylic on Board

14 x 11"





The Surreal Sunshine State. Florida X


Acrylic on Canvas

20 x 16"





11 Stories

Lissa Hatcher


9 x 26"





Real Florida Postcards


Linoleum Relief Print

4.25 x 6" each






HKiss Ed Hotchkiss

Acrylic on Canvas

24 x 18"





Hot Florida Concrete

Audra Crawford

Acrylic, Pencil & China Marker

20 x 20"





Land & Sea

Warren Kenny

Color Pencil on Paper

14 x 11"






Jeffrey Sincich

Quilted Cotton

23.5 x 20"





Flori-duh Florida Man

Steve Madden

Digital Print

15 x 9"





Beach. I Guess.

Chad Mize

Spray Paint on Wood

16 x 12"





Skylark Motel, U.S. Route 19, Florida

Noelle McCleaf

Archival Pigment Print

2o x 24"





Florida Welcomes You

Coralette Damme

Linocut & Graphite on Wood

18 x 14"





No Gods, No Masters, No Scrubs

Bailey Gumienny

Oil on Canvas

24 x 17"





Grab the Gaff

Jason Wightman

Oil on Linen

20 x 16"





Kayaker’s Valentine to Florida


Mixed Media

15.5" x 8.5"